22- Physician-Entrepreneur Series: Mohammad Al-Ubaydli (Patients Know Best)

Episode 22 April 20, 2022 00:41:54
22- Physician-Entrepreneur Series: Mohammad Al-Ubaydli (Patients Know Best)
Physicians Off The Beaten Path
22- Physician-Entrepreneur Series: Mohammad Al-Ubaydli (Patients Know Best)

Apr 20 2022 | 00:41:54


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Alexey Youssef Shad Faraz

Show Notes

What needs to happen to encourage more entrepreneurship among MDs? What can MDs learn from chaos theory? How can you use your immigrant mentality as a drive to do more, not to take the well-known and secure path? In this episode, we answer all these questions and more with our guest, Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, M.D.

Mohammad is founder and CEO of Patients Know Best, a British social enterprise, with an aim of putting patients in control of their own medical records.

He trained as a physician at the University of Cambridge; worked as a staff scientist at the National Institutes of Health; and was a management consultant to US hospitals at The Advisory Board Company.

Mohammad holds an MD from Cambridge University.

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