23- Physician-Entrepreneur Series: Iman Abuzeid (Incredible Health)

Episode 23 May 04, 2022 00:44:18
23- Physician-Entrepreneur Series: Iman Abuzeid (Incredible Health)
Physicians Off The Beaten Path
23- Physician-Entrepreneur Series: Iman Abuzeid (Incredible Health)

May 04 2022 | 00:44:18


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Alexey Youssef Shad Faraz

Show Notes

Is there a specific path to entrepreneurship MDs need to follow? What does the demand and supply dynamics in the nursing market look like? How can we address labor shortages in healthcare more efficiently? In this episode, we answer all these questions and more, with our guest, Iman Abuzeid, MD.

Iman is the co-founder and CEO of Incredible Health, Inc. A digital platform designed to streamline the hiring and recruitment process for nurses.

Iman holds an MD from University College London Medical School, and an MBA from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Visit Incredible Health's website to learn more about the platform: https://www.incrediblehealth.com/

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