35- Physician-Executive Series: Jonathan Ng (Iterative Health)

Episode 35 January 27, 2023 00:29:16
35- Physician-Executive Series: Jonathan Ng (Iterative Health)
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35- Physician-Executive Series: Jonathan Ng (Iterative Health)

Jan 27 2023 | 00:29:16


Show Notes

What can we contribute to the different areas of healthcare? And how can we as MDs demonstrate added value in areas beyond clinical care? How can you contribute to important decisions that drive the future of the sector? How essential are AI and machine learning for the process, and the future of medicine in general? In this episode, we answer all these questions and more through an enlightening talk with our guest, Dr. Jonathan Ng, CEO of Iterative Health.

Jonathan is the CEO of Iterative Health, a pioneer in applying artificial intelligence-based precision medicine to gastroenterology to establish a new standard of care for the detection and treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases.

Jonathan is Chairman of Children of Cambodia (Singapore), a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the lives of children and families in Cambodia by providing better healthcare facilities. He specifically worked to advance comprehensive medical education solutions in Cambodia and South East Asia.
He is the Co-Founder of Optimimed Pte Ltd, a research and experimental development on medical technologies business-based company located in Singapore. Previously, he was a medical officer at the Hospital Services Division in the Ministry of Health, Singapore.

Jonathan holds an MD from the National University of Singapore, an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an MPA in healthcare policy from Harvard Kennedy School.

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