52- Physician-Entrepreneur Series: Alice Jacobs, MD (Convergence Group)

Episode 52 December 04, 2023 00:41:38
52- Physician-Entrepreneur Series: Alice Jacobs, MD (Convergence Group)
Physicians Off The Beaten Path
52- Physician-Entrepreneur Series: Alice Jacobs, MD (Convergence Group)

Dec 04 2023 | 00:41:38


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Alexey Youssef Shad Faraz

Show Notes

How can we, as MDs, ensure better representation of low-resource countries in the digital healthcare movement? What are the means to enhancing healthcare access through AI-led digital acceleration? How can you generate building blocks to guide your entrepreneurial journey? Dr. Alice Jacobs, CEO of Convergence Group, answers all these questions and more.

Alice is a physician and entrepreneur. She leads the Convergence Group, which works on improving access to and delivery of healthcare through AI-led digital acceleration. She founded her first company, IntelligentMDx, after losing a patient from a staph infection. She has worked with leading venture funds, including Third Rock Ventures/MIT/Bob Langer, GE Ventures, and GreyBird Ventures. She spent two years as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Caltech, guiding efforts to build the next generation of deep technology solutions.

She was recognized by Scientific American as one of the top 50 innovators and by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, a 40 under 40 award by the Boston Business Journal, and for Healthcare Innovation in Clinical Diagnostics by Frost & Sullivan.

She holds a BA in Art History, a BS in Biological Sciences from Stanford with Honors in Developmental Neurobiology, and an MD from Harvard Medical School.

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