09- Physician-Banker Series: Alex Lomax, MD (Lazard)

Episode 09 October 20, 2021 00:46:49
09- Physician-Banker Series: Alex Lomax, MD (Lazard)
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09- Physician-Banker Series: Alex Lomax, MD (Lazard)

Show Notes

How do investment banking and financial advisory play a role in facilitating the
transformation and innovation in the healthcare ecosystem? Can you develop a business acumen without an MBA degree? In this episode, we answer all these questions and more with our guest, Alex Lomax, M.D.

Alex is a Vice President of Healthcare Financial Advisory at Lazard, the world’s largest financial advisory-focused firm. Lazard advises clients on M&A and Strategic Advisory, Middle Market, Sovereign Advisory, Restructuring, Shareholder & Private Capital Advisory, and Venture & Growth Banking.
Lazard has advised on many of the largest deals in the healthcare space such as the merger of Livongo & Teladoc and the Acquisition of Aetna by CVS health. Before Lazard, Alex was an associate and then vice president of Healthcare Investment Banking at RBC Capital Markets. He was also an Investment Banking Analyst at Peel Hunt for two years. 

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