28- Physician-Scientist Series: Shaheen Lakhan, MD (Click Therapeutics)

Episode 28 July 13, 2022 00:48:24
28- Physician-Scientist Series: Shaheen Lakhan, MD (Click Therapeutics)
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28- Physician-Scientist Series: Shaheen Lakhan, MD (Click Therapeutics)

Show Notes

What are the biggest barriers to digital therapeutics, and how will the field evolve down the line? How can we make MDs excited about entrepreneurship and innovation, like DTx for example, where their experience and clinical knowledge is actually needed?

In this episode, we answer all these questions and more, with our guest, Dr. Shaheen Lakhan.

Shaheen is the CMO of Click Therapeutics, A prescription digital therapeutics company that develops, validates, and commercializes software as prescription medical treatments for people with unmet medical needs. 

Shaheen is a physician-scientist with over 15 years of experience in healthcare, academia, and industry focusing on neuroscience research and development.

Shaheen is board-certified in both neurology and pain medicine, with clinical training from Cleveland Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital.

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